Gallery Fourment in Biarritz presentation of its artists, sabine fourment, The Doubles of S.F.

The Doubles of S.F.

Choose one of her original creations, in this case a small format, work through a computer medium, print a number and a restricted format, customize them by applying keys, colors and materials creating new works .
This process can be likened to the bronze edition by the sculptors. Each piece, number of copies are restricted, they emanate from the same mold, but the work of the patina can make them unique.
We are not dealing with copies, nor with editions, but a research for a new perspective, another reading and other interpretation. Her artistic approach redefines "the concept of original or unique work" not compared to the traditional "UN", but proposes a concept, the uniqueness in the exhibition. It is where it will be exposed that gives the work its originality.